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The path back to health starts with a Body Audit, so you
can find what's actually wrong with your body and stop
treating the same symptoms over and over again.
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Pain is a bully.
If you let it, pain will happily take over your life.
Our exclusive Forensic Bodywork system can help
you to find your pain and get it out of your life.
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What do Wellness at Work 'Forensic Bodyworkers' do?
Since 1997, we have delivered successful rehabilitation outcomes for over 98% of our patients.

We are able to do this because: WE ARE NOT GOING TO FIX YOU!

Your body is going to fix you. We are just going to do our best to make sure that happens.

Since 1997 we have guaranteed all our clinical work with a 100% money back guarantee that 's how we can measure our outcomes so accurately.

NO CHANGE to your condition NO CHARGE for our work. We will refund all of your fees in full! Because all we do is 'facilitate communication' between you and your injury.

We get you and your body talking again, and YOU fix YOU!

Why should you have forensic bodywork? The word Forensic comes from the Latin word "forensis" meaning "of a forum". In our clinics we use a wide variety of techniques and methods to provide your body with 'a forum' to show you where it isn't working so you can help yourself to heal.

To get well, first you must know what the source of the problem is, as 'Forensic Bodyworkers' we work with you to locate and treat the 'real cause' so you don't keep seeking treatment for the same symptoms over and over again.

To paraphrase the brilliant W. Edwards Demming.

It's not important to be good at what you're doing, it's important to know what you are doing, then be good at it.

Many treatment options are based around treating symptoms without finding the 'actual' cause, they know what the symptom is and keep treating it or knocking it out with medications. As forensic bodyworkers we work to find 'the cause' and when we do your body is almost always able to resolve the symptoms, or dis-ease itself so you can get well again.

Chris Toal

A passionate Forensic Bodyworker for two decades, Chris says that he's only a facilitator of communication between you and your body. He believes that many persistent unresolved injuries and conditions are only waiting for the source injury to be relocated and addressed. Once this occurs and the masked injury becomes properly identified by your immune system, you and your body can get back on the path to recovery.


Alla Kalinina
Aesthetic Therapist

Alla has a deep base to draw on. A renowned dance choreographer and fitness instructor in her homeland, Ukraine, her Aerobic dance teams were European champions. Alla is also a qualified mobility therapist for the disabled and Aesthetic Therapist who is able to perform magic on tough dry aged skin. With 27 years of fitness training and therapy experience, Alla passionately believes that if you look good...


It all starts with 90 minutes that could change your life!

With our exclusive BodyAudit© we both find out what is really wrong with you, so finally you can get started on your journey back to health.

We don't fix you...

Remember we don't fix you, we just get you and your body back on the same page so you can fix you! Many thousands of people have successfully progressed back to health through our treatment programs. They get well and send us their friends and families so we can help them.

Our health products have been sold in over 50 countries.

Published since 2003 today hundreds of thousands of people around the globe use TBT© Tennis ball Techniques for health.

Men stop struggling.

Get your life back tough guy! It's not smart to fight on regardless. If you have muscle weakness after training or work the answer might be really simple. And a few drinks after work or regular pain meds are only masking the problem not solving it. Give us a call and get it sorted.

Women stop soldiering on.

Learn how your emotions can physically cripple you. When you know 'why' you feel like stink you can get on with life again. Check out our reference area, you might just find yourself. Then, give us a call, all you have to lose is your pain.

Want someone to talk to? Want an unbiased opinion? Many of our patients are more than happy to answer treatment questions for you. Or check out our Facebook page.

No Change No Charge since 1997.

10's of thousands of successful treatments. What are you waiting for? Call now!

Like a free info pack?

We would really love to help. No change No charge!

Provide us with a quick outline of your health issues and we will send you relevant info and references from others that have been where you are and are now well. Stop struggling; this is not living - you are supposed to be clear headed and happy.

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