Bo Staff Fitness | The Concept

BoStaffFitness® is designed for fitness and rehab

BoStaffFitness® techniques are based on martial arts moves however BoStaffFitness® moves are designed for fitness and rehab not for fighting.

If we had to describe the difference in techniques BoStaffFitness® moves are more like a movie than a documentary. So just like a movie is changed for dramatic effect we have adjusted most of the movements to focus on rehabilitating you while keeping you safe as you build and improve flexibility in your shoulders, core, wrists and arms.

If you want to learn a martial art this is not the right place. If you want to start on that path, maybe we can help you to safely do that.

The first thing about BoStaffFitness® is you need to know your Bo Staff and we strongly suggest you spend some time making friends with it.

Start by getting used to the weight and feel of it in your hand. Try some slow spins and moves, take your time. If you are enjoying yourself, your muscles will relax and work more efficiently and you will learn faster.

The next thing to learn is to let the Bo do the work.

If you find yourself fighting with the weight and balance, you are holding it incorrectly. Normally you will find you need to move slightly off centre. But always remember you should not have to fight the staff to make to spin so if you are you need send us a short video and we will see if we can get you on the right path.

An easy guide for your grip is a/not too hard and b/ move your hand along two or three finger widths up or down along the shaft until you find the correct balance point that works for you and for the particular move you are doing.

In martial arts these moves have many names. For ease of learning BoStaffFitness® we name them around shapes of movement that we feel best explain them to you. The name should help you find your way.

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