Bodywall Training

Don't have time for a fitness program? Neither did we that's why we invented Bodywall.

Clinically proven high performance fitness. ONE HOUR ONCE A WEEK! Job done! Stop wasting time and money. Take a look here and if you like it email us if you would like to be in the next client intake.

Core stability and leg adductor training

Core and Pelvic floor training

Warm ups HIIT Starting the bus

Obliques shoulders grip and quad training

Bodywall intuitive positional training

Offset pad aerobic and leg stability training

Obliques core aerobic legs and arm workout

Unstable pad training for lower legs

Offset Med ball arm and legs adductor and core training

Kite training

Core Quads and shoulder stability training

Core and leg training

Core and lower back muscle training

Spinal muscles leg stability pelvic floor and core workout

Core and Overhead Shoulder stability workout

If we don't have your answer we work with a lot of health professionals that just might.

Our job is not to keep you coming here. It's to get you well. If we feel we can't sort it we will refer you the health professionals we believe can sort it!

Useful Info

What is Bodywall?

Bodywall® is a high performance rehabilitation technology that is also remarkably effective as a fitness training tool. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, Bodywall is low impact, yet still provides a challenging aerobic strength workout for anyone no matter how fit you are.

Developed over nearly a decade and with input from two of New Zealand's leading Universities Bodywall is fun, fast, and incredibly effective fitness training. Bodywall delivers powerful routines that even with just one hour once a week you will improve your overall fitness and flexibility. Useful to rapidly help you to regain control of your weight, build muscle, and sort out those sore joints as you burn off those pot bellies.

Bodywall is a patented technology that has featured in stories both in print and on TV networks in over 160 countries.

Unlike conventional training equipment Bodywall provides you with a platform to maximise your potential because you are the equipment, Bodywall is just the facilitator. With Bodywall you get to chose the load intensities in balanced contra lateral training and an ever changing routine of exercises that will leave you gasping for air and growing new muscles exactly where you need them not where a machine dictates.

What is ScarsAway?

ScarsAway® came out of research we were doing on deep tissue Myofascial release. We were working with injuries in muscles of athletes and long term deep tissue scars in accident victims. The goal was outcomes that were exceptionally effective and fast. Much of this work involved examining Natural remedies seeking to understand why many of these ancient treatments might work. From there we developed theories and experiments to test these treatments, then where we could we improved and updated them to fit in with today's modern lifestyles, all the while seeking to naturally enhance the quality of life for people around the globe.

Our research guide was a quote from Albert Einstein. "It is better to believe than to disbelieve; in so doing, one brings everything into the realm of possibility". We believed and we worked on it for quite a few years. We looked at scars, we felt scars, we tested our theories on our own scars which healed. We were able to heal 40 and 50 year old dermal scars and we knew we could now change lives, so ScarsAway® was born. From here it was continually improved and retested until it was made available to the public from Christmas 2005. ScarsAway has now been sold in over 50 countries and featured in NZ papers and twice on National TV in New Zealand. ScarsAway. It's all in the name 100% guaranteed.

Medical Testimonials

What the Medical profession says about out work

"Recognising a commonality of cause and effect in the body's response is the key to first alleviating further adverse changes and ultimately to undo these changes. The therapies offered here work with the physiological changes not against them essentially telling the body to switch off unneeded responses. Last but not least they comply with the dictum 'primum non nocere' first do no harm."

Dr Paul Crozier

"I found that quite quickly I was able to sense muscle and tissue tension through the tool and was able to release areas of abnormal tension with the tool. An added advantage was the reduced pressure on my hands, as the tip of the tool now does the work. I would recommend use of the Bodytool to both manual therapists and to people with pain, who could use it to treat themselves."

Dr Jonathan Kuttner

"I fell off a horse whilst playing Polo six weeks ago and landed on my right shoulder. Being in the medical profession, I naively assumed that a combination of rest, painkillers and regular stretches would suffice in my management plan. Before long, I was unable to raise my shoulder above 90 degrees and struggled to get through the day. By the end of the first session I was able to raise my arm above my head and would say that the shoulder was 80-90% normal. I would have no hesitation recommending Bodywall to anyone."

Dr Vikram Jayaprakash

"I have a peripheral neuropathy of the right femoral nerve which became severe in May 2009 and meant that I was barely able to walk. I underwent various treatments including physiotherapy, Pilates chiropractic, acupuncture, neural prolotherapy and Bodywall. I have had 5 massages with Danny Orani and one session with Chris Toal. I found both Danny and Chris to be professional, informative and caring. Every session I had led to improvement. I am happy to refer patients for this treatment."

Dr Tessa Jones

"I have been referring patients for treatment at Bodywall for the last 3 years. In particular, I have been referring patients suffering from burn & keloid scars, endometriosis, Dupytren's contractures, and all those patients requiring physiotherapy. Chris and his team of physio and massage therapists have achieved outstanding results with patients that I have sent their way. His use of Bodytool and Bodywall in soft tissue and musculoskeletal work to assist healing and rehabilitation, are second to none. His non surgical scar remediation techniques are incredible. I would not hesitate to recommend him to all those that are seeking results, particularly in those patients who have chronic conditions refractory to treatment."

Dr Simon Garlick