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Our clinical work is performed in a sequential process that is focussed on two areas of treatment. When applied and sequenced correctly these methods deliver successful outcomes for a wide variety of physical ailments.


Because it is a gel it can be runny and liquid or tough and rock hard so Myofascia is used by the body for many tasks and modern medicine recognises Myofascia is implicated in 85% of all muscloloskeletal pain.

Myofascia (or Fascia) is the tough outer skin of your muscles (the muscle sheath) it's also the glue that glues muscles tendons and ligament into bone and it's also the slimy stuff that lets muscles slide past each other when you're using them. If you've ever wondered what stops weightlifters muscles from bursting when they lift those hundreds of kilo's or why your muscles form the shapes they do? It's Fascia and It surrounds all your organs to act as a shock absorbing gel to protect them.

Fascia also combines with Collagen reinforcing strands to form scar tissue that has a tensile strength 10 times that of steel. Because it can withstand up to 140 kg/cm2 of pressure or 2000psi Fascia is used to repair hold in place almost all of your injuries and acts as the adhesive in all your scars binding collagen and hydrogen into place, both internally and externally.

By understanding more about fascia and how it works, you will understand why certain injuries happen, and keep happening it will be easier for you to get the best out of your body, recover faster and stop injuring and re injuring yourself.

Most of your organs have muscles too!

The human body has a lot of muscle mass. An average adult male's total mass is made up of roughly 42% skeletal muscle and in an average female it's around 36%. Most organs also have a large amount of muscle fibre. Your heart, veins and arteries are muscle, so are your bladder, intestines and bowel, even the skin has tiny muscles, ones that make your hair stand on end.

You will see we treat Chronic Pelvic pain this is because the Uterus has a muscle fibre content of 75% of its total mass and wherever you have pain, Engrams can form. So basically anywhere in the body that has stress on muscle tissue, either from overuse, impact or surgical (post operative pain) is likely to form an Engram to avoid this pain. So if you treat any dysfunction in the body without regard to the muscle tissue in the region or organ itself you dramatically reduce your chances of a successful outcome!

By understanding and sequentially treating Myofascial dysfunction and the Engrams that have formed and by showing you how they work together.

We can normally assist you on the path to finding ways to address your chronic long term pain conditions. Many that right now to you may seem unsolvable.

For example if you are treating uterine problems with medications or surgery without considering treating injuries to the uterine muscle walls or uterine ligament that may be causing the problems in the first place you reduce the probability of a treatments success significantly.

Our methods of clinical work allow us to deliver treatments for:

Scar rehabilitation both dermal using ScarsAway® for the skin and deep tissue using Bodytool® for muscular and organ dysfunction post surgical pain and scarring.

Once we have the scars or adhesions treated we move on to postural and skeletal realignment and Engram re patterning so you can get back to a normal life.

Using the patented and exclusive Bodywall® system we have delivered physical training for fitness beginner's right through to high performance athletic training for all sports plus injury rehabilitation and prevention.


The famous Greek and Roman physicians Plato and Hippocrates both knew disease was words, 'dis' and 'ease' today we tend to treat symptoms. We name it as a disease then lose sight of finding and resolving the real problem the 'dis'.

At Wellness at Work our Forensic Bodyworkers focus on locating the original pain and tension patterns in your body causing your 'dis' then we release those so the 'dis' goes away the 'ease' can come back into your life. What we do is seek out the original cause of the pattern, bring it to your attention, so you can treat it and the painful patterns don't reappear and you stay well.

Early on in life as a 6 1/2 week old foetus we gain the sense of touch, from that point on we build huge files of data on what we like and don't like often moving around in the womb to get comfortable and developing patterns of programmed movements and behaviours known as "Engrams".

Engrams are patterns of behaviour that make it easy for us to function. They make it easy to stand up to walk to sit down or play music and sport. It's simply too hard a task for the brain to tell each muscle when to work in sequence to do all these things so we just play the required engram that gets' us the result we want instead.

Unfortunately we also use engrams to avoid things we don't like and the thing we don't like the most is pain, so we put pain and fear together. As a small creature this is a good idea, pain = fear = run away, this is great for keeping the little creature alive. However this is good for the adult creature. Pain avoiding Engrams can have us hunched over and limping around trying not to disturb things that started out as minor issues in childhood and that now are crippling us as an adult.

These patterns have been written about for thousands of years and can be deciphered and undone. Hippocrates the Greek physician and father of modern medicine wrote, "The physician must be experienced in many things, but most assuredly in rubbing, for rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose, and loosen a joint that is too rigid" "thereby assisting mechanical and physical processes, aiding circulation, relieving stasis and consequently quickening metabolic processes.

Engrams can form for the most interesting reasons. A smile is an engram a pattern of 17 muscles responding in unison to an emotion or feeling. We have them for every emotion. Modern sayings like someone is a pain in the ass makes you sick to your stomach, or they are a pain in the neck all have foundations in our internal understanding of 'how' where and why we hurt over a large range of issues. You ignore these at your peril because they can become embedded and eventually glued in place with Myofascia and now you have a major problem. We can help you address these patterns so you can get back to living without them dragging you into the ground every day. Understanding Engrams can help you leave behind childhood traumas or abuse injuries.

CPPS Endo and Fertility Treatments

According to research produced by Ethicon Inc a member of the Johnson & Johnson group of companies. *Surgery is not the optimum treatment option as studies have shown that adhesions formed in 55-100% of patients who had reproductive pelvic surgery.* According Gynecare Worldwide "Most patients develop adhesions after pelvic surgery". Pelvic adhesions are abnormal bands of scar tissue that form after gynaecological surgeries, like C-sections, and bind organs that are usually not connected. Adhesions are very common after pelvic or abdominal surgery. Read more...

Men & Women's Health

Men and Women are different. In health one size does not fit all! However there are some things that are the same between men and women. When you remove the mass of bones and body fluids the average adult male is about 43% muscle fibre and the average adult female about 36%. Men and women are mostly muscles and this muscle mass also includes your veins, arteries, bladder and bowel, heart lungs and reproductive organs. If you have 'sore' muscles anywhere you can have a 'dis-ease' and we are good at finding sore muscles and getting them back on track.

Each day is a gift.

When you are in pain it's difficult to recognise each day is a present, a gift to enjoy! When you become pain free everyday is a gift! Get out from under that cloud and back into life. These patterns you are living under can be reset, just like a limp after a leg injury you can train them out! We'd love to help, give us a call.

Plan for a better future.

Want to have time for lots more things? Seen those people who just seem to be lucky and not stressed like you? Maybe it all the pain you are living with? When you are thinking clearly life just flows. Want to have a full calendar but not be crushed by it then do something about it. Call us and put a plan in place. Do it today!

Latest Services

20 years experience, or 1 year experienced 20 times?

When we decided to deliver health services at No Change No Charge it wasn't because we wanted to be philanthropic. It was to ensure we are up to date with the latest health options and research, having to deliver a positive outcome forces regular study and ongoing improvement and training. For example in June 2015 researchers discovered the brain has its own lymphatic drainage system that moves cerebrospinal fluid, throughout the brain, removing waste. This has rewritten the medical textbooks and means that correct treatment with Lymphatic drainage may have applications for conditions as diverse as multiple sclerosis, meningitis, and Alzheimer's disease. When I qualified in Lymphatic Drainage I had no idea it would be possible to assist in these conditions. You have to keep up if it's No Change No Charge!

Secondly, No Change No Charge was done to be fair! Why should you pay and pay and pay for a service or treatment week after week, month after month, even year after year, with no positive outcome. Yes we fail but only in a very small percentage of cases we take on.

Thirdly, 'skin in the game' if we are both at risk from failure we both have to do our bit. We must provide the best possible resources and you must do your exercises and follow your treatment plan as well because we both have skin in the game.

Up to date research sorted for you into easy to understand bites.

Regular blog posts and Facebook posts keep you in the picture as well. Ever wondered why hair turns gray and what you can do about it, or what's in a can of Red Bull and how it affects you, what's the best exercise to lose weight? We find it all and share it with you regularly.

Finding great new product and health ideas for the younger and older people in your life.

It's often hard to sort the garbage from the facts with health ideas and products. Does a Paleo diet work? Is hot water and lemon juice good for you first thing in the morning? Finding a credible source on the net is difficult. We do our best to sort thru the noise of promoted and advertised products and ideas to find you ones that work and are safe.

If we don't have your answer we work with a lot of health professionals that just might.

Our job is not to keep you coming here. It's to get you well. If we feel we can't sort it we will refer you the health professionals we believe can sort it!

Useful Info

What is Bodywall?

Bodywall® is a high performance rehabilitation technology that is also remarkably effective as a fitness training tool. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, Bodywall is low impact, yet still provides a challenging aerobic strength workout for anyone no matter how fit you are.

Developed over nearly a decade and with input from two of New Zealand's leading Universities Bodywall is fun, fast, and incredibly effective fitness training. Bodywall delivers powerful routines that even with just one hour once a week you will improve your overall fitness and flexibility. Useful to rapidly help you to regain control of your weight, build muscle, and sort out those sore joints as you burn off those pot bellies.

Bodywall is a patented technology that has featured in stories both in print and on TV networks in over 160 countries.

Unlike conventional training equipment Bodywall provides you with a platform to maximise your potential because you are the equipment, Bodywall is just the facilitator. With Bodywall you get to chose the load intensities in balanced contra lateral training and an ever changing routine of exercises that will leave you gasping for air and growing new muscles exactly where you need them not where a machine dictates.

What is ScarsAway?

ScarsAway® came out of research we were doing on deep tissue Myofascial release. We were working with injuries in muscles of athletes and long term deep tissue scars in accident victims. The goal was outcomes that were exceptionally effective and fast. Much of this work involved examining Natural remedies seeking to understand why many of these ancient treatments might work. From there we developed theories and experiments to test these treatments, then where we could we improved and updated them to fit in with today's modern lifestyles, all the while seeking to naturally enhance the quality of life for people around the globe.

Our research guide was a quote from Albert Einstein. "It is better to believe than to disbelieve; in so doing, one brings everything into the realm of possibility". We believed and we worked on it for quite a few years. We looked at scars, we felt scars, we tested our theories on our own scars which healed. We were able to heal 40 and 50 year old dermal scars and we knew we could now change lives, so ScarsAway® was born. From here it was continually improved and retested until it was made available to the public from Christmas 2005. ScarsAway has now been sold in over 50 countries and featured in NZ papers and twice on National TV in New Zealand. ScarsAway. It's all in the name 100% guaranteed.

Medical Testimonials

What the Medical profession says about out work

"Recognising a commonality of cause and effect in the body's response is the key to first alleviating further adverse changes and ultimately to undo these changes. The therapies offered here work with the physiological changes not against them essentially telling the body to switch off unneeded responses. Last but not least they comply with the dictum 'primum non nocere' first do no harm."

Dr Paul Crozier

"I found that quite quickly I was able to sense muscle and tissue tension through the tool and was able to release areas of abnormal tension with the tool. An added advantage was the reduced pressure on my hands, as the tip of the tool now does the work. I would recommend use of the Bodytool to both manual therapists and to people with pain, who could use it to treat themselves."

Dr Jonathan Kuttner

"I fell off a horse whilst playing Polo six weeks ago and landed on my right shoulder. Being in the medical profession, I naively assumed that a combination of rest, painkillers and regular stretches would suffice in my management plan. Before long, I was unable to raise my shoulder above 90 degrees and struggled to get through the day. By the end of the first session I was able to raise my arm above my head and would say that the shoulder was 80-90% normal. I would have no hesitation recommending Bodywall to anyone."

Dr Vikram Jayaprakash

"I have a peripheral neuropathy of the right femoral nerve which became severe in May 2009 and meant that I was barely able to walk. I underwent various treatments including physiotherapy, Pilates chiropractic, acupuncture, neural prolotherapy and Bodywall. I have had 5 massages with Danny Orani and one session with Chris Toal. I found both Danny and Chris to be professional, informative and caring. Every session I had led to improvement. I am happy to refer patients for this treatment."

Dr Tessa Jones

"I have been referring patients for treatment at Bodywall for the last 3 years. In particular, I have been referring patients suffering from burn & keloid scars, endometriosis, Dupytren's contractures, and all those patients requiring physiotherapy. Chris and his team of physio and massage therapists have achieved outstanding results with patients that I have sent their way. His use of Bodytool and Bodywall in soft tissue and musculoskeletal work to assist healing and rehabilitation, are second to none. His non surgical scar remediation techniques are incredible. I would not hesitate to recommend him to all those that are seeking results, particularly in those patients who have chronic conditions refractory to treatment."

Dr Simon Garlick