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Coping with Covid-19

Your muscles reflect your emotional patterns and behaviours, sometimes very painfully.

Given time these muscle patterns can imprison you and your moods in a downward spiral.

Here are some simple ways to get your muscles, and you, out of your Covid-19 prison.

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Healing the Hurt

"Pain is the human bodyguard, the cop on the beat racing to the scene, sirens wailing, shutting down traffic. You've been cut, burned, broken: pay attention, stop the bleeding, apply heat, apply cold, do something. It's one of life's most primitive mechanisms, by which even the simplest creature, if it has anything like a central nervous system, learns to avoid danger, stay out of bad neighbourhoods, hunker down to give itself time to heal. Pain is..."

By Alice Park - Time Magazine

The Laws of Physiology

"There are a number of 'laws' that the body uses in order to function, understanding these laws can improve your comprehension of what is occurring when you are sore, injured or attempting to treat an injury. When we set out to design the entire Wellness at Work Forensic Bodywork rehabilitation and training systems we used these laws to provide us with clear directions in developing technologies that would deliver safe rapid outcomes..."

By Chris Toal - Wellness at Work

What is the Cause of Post Concussion Syndrome?

"Although it is a remarkably common condition, PCS has no universally agreed-upon definition. It is normally considered to be post to minor head injuries and is defined by the absence of objective Neurological findings. Symptoms can persist for months or years after injuries, and current data is unclear stating as low as 29 and up to 90 percent of head-trauma patients 'may' develop PCS..."

By Chris Toal - Wellness at Work

Candy Lane; My Girl's Crippling Disease

"Opening up to Kathryn Powley about her daughter's hidden illness, the dance diva admits she just didn't understand. Dancing star Candy Lane's daughter Jaz dragged herself home from school, went straight upstairs to her room, pulled the curtains against the bright summer day and fell into bed. The fifteen-year-old desperately hoped the pain in her belly would stop - but Jaz knew..."

By Katherine Powley - Womans Day

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TBT© Tennis Ball Technique - Safe, Simple Home Care...

A simple way to get or keep your body On the Ball. You may have heard an old quote "when you need a cop they are never around"; well for me I found the same thing applied to getting good remedial therapy for my sore muscles ... "when you really need a good massage therapist, they are always all booked up!" So I developed TBT for my own aches and pains and now you can use it too! Read more »

We've been successfully treating people in their own homes since 2003.

Daily tips to get you well ... and keep you well!

Here's why drinking water is important!

Water is so important life itself can't happen without it, and the same applies to you. But just how important is it for you to start your day with water? Simple really, you're more water than the planet is and the water you drink is your tide! If you can imagine living alongside a harbour where the tide never came in or out to flush it clean, it wouldn't take long for it to be a dirty smelly mess. Now maybe you can understand YOU NEED to drink water! It's one of the best way for the body to clean itself.

Feeling low on energy? Water is also used by the body to MAKE energy! We use water to convert Adenosine diphosphate which is essential to the flow of energy through in the body. Water is used for hydrolysis of ATP your muscles 'energy source'. Hydrolysis literally means "water loosening" so water loosens ATP so you can get to use it in your muscles. Without ATP you would drop dead in an instant! You need around 2 litres per day, even more if you are exercising hard and need more energy, around a litre per hour!

Citrus fruit first thing ... and an apple to wake up!

In a compost bin the natural chemicals and acidity in citrus peels can drive many species worms away because many don't particularly like citrus. The same applies for many microorganisms they don't like citrus either. In fact citrus can kill off some of bugs you want in compost bins slowing the decomposition and making the compost bin less efficient. Now in 'your' gut if you only want to grow the 'right' kinds of bugs, eating a piece of citrus fruit before you eat anything else is a great way to start off your day and be kind to yourself. It will kill off the bugs you don't want and kick start your day!

If you need a snack on the road to wake up, or need a bit of a lift at morning coffee break? Eating an apple is a much healthier alternative to drinking a cup of coffee. An apple is high in natural (healthy) sugars that deliver a similar effect to caffeine and the vitamins from apple skins are released slowly throughout the body making you feel more awake. No big up, but No big down either. Add this to the fact that all the protective phytonutrients and antioxidants in apples may even help to reduce the risk of you developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease and an apple a day is a big plus.

Wash your body without soap!

If you had to 'buy' the moisturiser you already have on your skin, it would cost you a fortune! It is DNA matched specifically to your skin, designed just for you and you alone! When you wash with soap you remove this $ billion dollar moisturiser, your skin becomes dry the oil glans in the skin work overtime to secrete lots more oil which ages then oxidises and because there's so much of it, it goes 'off' so it smells and so do you.

So, to be really clear someone has advertised 'sold' you a $6 or $8 dollar product. Soaps are normally a combination of fat and caustic materials, and non-soapy detergents are largely petroleum by-products. So using these chemicals you remove a hundred billion $ product that's already there. Then they sell you a $70 or $150 moisturising product to replace the invaluable one you just washed off. You age your skin prematurely and pay someone for the privilege of looking old before your time!

Now if you really need to really clean your hands then just use soap and water and rub ... vigorously don't use antibacterial soaps. Recently Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble Co and Colgate-Palmolive have been forced by the FDA to remove 19 ingredients and reformulate products their anti bacterial products because they were considered dangerous. The FDA says for antibacterial purposes washing with “plain soap and running water remains one of the most important steps consumers can take to avoid getting sick and to prevent spreading germs to others."

Want to lose weight? Chew your food & eat olives!

There are no teeth down in your stomach intestines or bowel. So, if you gulp your food down in lumps and in a rush, your body has to process it in lumps and this doesn't work so well. Food going down in lumps like this means your system can't easily extract the essential vitamins or nutrients you need from that food and you will feel hungry, not satisfied, and need to eat again soon! You could even eat a fabulous 93% fat free meal and still gain weight because you are not processing your food the way your body needs to ... chew, it will help you to break down the food so you can digest it, and you will enjoy the real flavour of the food.

Olives, you either love them or hate them, but for controlling appetite they are gold pure gold! Experts recommend taking a day 7 olives they work well as an evening meal starter and rich in mineral content as sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and iodine. Eating 10 olives before a meal reduced appetite by 22% according to studies in Italy because the monounsaturated fatty acids in olives are slower to digest they stimulate the hormone cholecystokinin, that tells your brain you feel satisfied and these acids also stimulate the production of adiponectin, a chemical that burns fat for five hours after ingestion.

Loaded with B vitamins and Pro vitamin A and E. Essential amino acids and oleic acid, which has beneficial properties to protect the heart they also contain polyphenols, natural chemicals that reduce oxidative stress in the brain and research shows eating a daily serve of olives can improve memory by up to 25%. Olives can even improve the appearance of wrinkles by 20%.

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