Update: February 2024

Last year my wife Alla and I set up The KUZN Foundation to introduce our Kiwi holistic health therapies into mainstream hospital care in Ukraine. Since then we have been working and teaching in hospitals and rehab centres across Ukraine including at the prestigious 'UNBROKEN' Center which is Ukraine's National rehabilitation hospital.

We will be returning in July as we have been invited to teach these methods at a brand new Veteran and US Pentagon funded rehabilitation facility in Khmelnytsky, and also at the Vinnytsia Neurological Hospital. This hospital is a huge facility focussed on neurological conditions such as PTSD / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, debilitating anxiety, concussion, and active stump neuroma all of which we successfully treat with our methods.

We were there twice last year. Here's some footage from our most recent trip.

This 1st guy (an International volunteer) was hit by a tank and had lots of metalwork in his arm. He had been shuffled from hospital to hospital hoping to get some improvement when we met him by accident. This was literally 10 minutes of work.

This poor guy was in the blast radius of 4 Iskander missiles and blown about 5 metres. Previously an IT guy, since the explosions he suffered constant debilitating headaches, struggled to communicate and had rapid eye blink 3 to 5 per second and was (as you will see) unable to be physically touched.

This is an hour later.

This young dad was a champion boxer and kickboxer when he enlisted. Very badly injured in a shell blast, his reconstructive surgeries left him with active stump neuroma on both hands that caused him to experience severe pain with the slightest contact on his fingers.

The day following treatment he could cuddle his young son and now getting fitted with the latest prosthetics are an option The smile on his wife's face says it all.

This guy is a former doctor who enlisted and is now a military commander. He's very well known in Ukraine with a large media following and speaks English well .He was shot 3 times and lost a lot of function in his left leg. We will do another interview when we can. The translation of this clip is that as a doctor and very familiar with rehabilitation methods he was shocked by the effectiveness of our treatment. Here he explains that he wants to see our methods integrated into all military rehab in Ukraine.

Chris Toal Alla Kalinina

For the KUZN Foundation Trust

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