Who is going to pay your bills?

Not you! Your health is going to pay your bills...

"I got bills I gotta pay. So I'm gon' work, work, work, every day". "Bills" lyrics by LunchMoney Lewis.

Your health is going to pay your bills, the same as it does every year. Paying the bills and keeping the lifestyle you have can be a struggle sometimes but if you're not healthy it quickly turns into a nightmare. Returning to work after the holidays and stepping back into the old routines can be challenging. We often come back refreshed and ready to go then fade off quickly as the load of another work year kicks in.

Where can it go wrong, and what can you do to stay on track? Well eating food that is 'actually food' is a good start. Fresh raw fruit and vegetables are more easily absorbed by the digestive system, so stop cooking everything. If you mix in a few carbohydrates plus some good quality lean protein you really can't go far wrong. It's worth remembering that quality protein sources do not 'need' to be red meat. Seafood is a great source of protein and usually low in fat although salmon is a little higher in fat, its 'good' fat full of omega 3 fatty acids so good for your heart.

Poultry - particularly white poultry - is also an excellent source of lean protein and dairy foods like milk, cheese, and yogurt are good sources of protein and calcium. Eggs are an inexpensive form of protein, healthy adults can enjoy an egg a day and then there's beans, 'half a cup' of beans contains as much protein as 28 grams of steak, plus beans are full of fibre that is guaranteed to keep you feeling full for hours so you don't get those cravings and snacking feelings and if you do eat some nuts!

Animal sourced foods can be highly acid forming as they are digested. As the body tries to defend itself against these burning acids it forms mucus layers for protection. So if you continuously consume foods high in acid an overproduction of mucus can occur causing coughing, breathing trouble, chest pain, chest discomfort, fatigue, and sinus problems.

Loaded with saturated fats the acid from these animal based foods are also damaging to brain plaque and linked to a higher risk of Alzheimer's and Dementia. Acid plaque can clog the blood vessels contributing to heart attacks strokes and cardiovascular diseases. Combine this with the fact that a diet rich in animal protein causes the body to leach calcium out of the bones in order to maintain healthy blood pH and this can lead to a variety of problems including, osteoporosis.

Next on the list of good things to do is exercise and that doesn't mean you have to be a gladiator and smash yourself every day. In fact, recent research published in JAMA Internal Medicine shows that two sessions of strong exercise a week delivers reductions in all causes of cardiovascular death rates, and it lowers cancer mortality risks. Some of the most efficient ways to get the exercise job done are walking/hiking steep and preferably 'rugged' hill paths, 20 mins up and 20 mins down, take it slowly but get your breathing and heart rate up and keep them there.

This is also great for calorie burning so is dry soft 'not hard' sand beach walking, BAREFOOT! Again 20 mins out 20 mins back is enough. This uses all the muscles in your legs so you are building knee and hip strength as well. Wall push ups are great for building upper body strength. If you want to make it harder just step away from the wall a bit, harder still? Easy just put one hand behind your back and get some contra lateral (cross body) training going which is great for the core as well.

Balance is the key, the difference between an alkaline and an acid body depends very much on what you eat and how you exercise and how well you hydrate. Acid body states generally create higher levels of disease within cells and tissues you can literally be allergic to your diet!

You are way better off to be eating a bit more alkaline than the average modern diet and it helps to be hydrating with water from when you get up till mid afternoon. If our bodies get too acidic you can find yourself with problems like acid reflux then you can become a breeding ground for unhelpful bacteria. For example a simple yeast overgrowth can contribute to bad breath, hair loss, nasal congestion, bladder, intestine, even skin problems!

Despite what a young body tells you, health is not a free resource! It costs! And good health is like a bank account, you start off in credit and you have money to use. Later as you get older or withdraw too much from your health bank you can get in to health debt. Now you will have to work like hell to pay it back. Without good health everything else in your life becomes harder, sometimes so hard that a 'normal' life is not possible. So who is going to pay your bills now you are back from the holidays?

Your health is going to pay your bills! This year and every year you remain healthy your good health will pay the bills for you! Unfortunately during the holidays we tend to overindulge so right now you might be in a bit of health debt. It could be a good idea to pay some health bills! Get into a greener diet, some simple firm exercise twice a week and you can get back on track to paying those bills!

"I got bills I gotta pay. So I'm gon' work, work, work, every day"

One last tip! Get a massage! Massage can balance tissue stresses help the lymphatic system to flush toxins and deliver loads of positive endorphins to relax and invigorate your brain so you stay on the positive side of your health bank account!

If you'd like to try a booking, then please get in-touch ... or if you want more info on the benefits of massage.

Chris Toal

Chris Toal
Managing Director Wellness at Work Ltd.

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